Ginkgo biloba--Maidenhair Tree

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Ginkgo biloba--Maidenhair Tree

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Ginkgo is practically pest free, resistant to storm damage, and casts light shade. Only male plants should be used as the female produces ill smelling fruit in late autumn. Ginkgo is a slow grower but tolerates most soil and grows 75 feet or more tall. The tree is easily transplanted and has a yellow fall color.

There are several cultivars: 'Autumn Gold'--bright gold fall color and rapid growth rate; 'Fairmont'--upright pyramidal form; 'Fastigiata'--upright growth; 'Laciniata'- -leaf margins deeply divided; 'Lakeview'--compact conical form; 'Mayfield'--upright growth; 'Pendula'--pendent branches; 'Santa Cruz'--umbrella shaped, 'Variegata'-- variegated leaves.

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