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Aphids can be controlled with Diazinon dust or sprays of Orthene, rotenone, or Sevin.

Thrips rasp the outer tissue layers of the leaves, flowers and corms. The infested surfaces are glistening, whitish gray. Young insects feed in the sheath. Infested flowers are discolored and spotted. The leaves turn brown and dry out. Sprays of Orthene, rotenone or Sevin will control thrips.

The tulip bulb aphid is common in sandy soil. Infested corms develop stunted and deformed plants if at all. Shoots usually wither and die. No chemical control is listed.

Tarnished plant bug causes flower bud blast or abnormal development. Control this insect with Sevin.

Wireworms bore holes in the neck or base of the leaves and flower stalks. The shoots turn yellow and become deformed and stunted. No chemical control is listed.

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