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Boring insects may be prevented by keeping trees healthy with regular fertilization.

The combination of plant bug and leafhopper feeding causes the leaves to drop. Plant bugs may be more common on the yellow leaved cultivar 'Sunburst' than on green leaved types. Both insects are green so will be hard to detect. Sevin or malathion should control both insects. Sprays of Orthene will control leafhoppers.

Pod gall midge causes unusual reddish galls at the tips of the branches. The galls appear in late spring and may be most common on thornless, seedless cultivars. No chemical control is registered for this pest.

Spider mites cause an autumn like yellowing of the leaves. Diagnosis of this problem is difficult due to the small size of the insect and leaflets.

Scales can usually be controlled by dormant oil sprays applied in spring. Crawlers are controlled with properly timed sprays of Sevin or Orthene. Scale identification aids in proper spray timing.

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Plant bug and leafhopper on honey locust - 36K Honeylocust midge damage - 24K
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