Gleditsia triacanthos--Honeylocust

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Gleditsia triacanthos--Honeylocust

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Honeylocust grows quickly to 70 feet or more. The species has undesirable thorns and large seed pods but cultivars are both thornless and seedless. The tree is strong wooded and casts light shade. Lawns grow well beneath the tree and there is little to rake up in the fall. The tree has no particular soil preferences and is useful in dry areas. Honeylocust has a yellow fall color.

Most garden centers will have at least one cultivar of honeylocust in stock. Some of the cultivars may develop thorns and/or seed pods when they get older. The cultivars are: 'Cottage Green'--semi upright, seedless, thornless; 'Imperial'--spreading, seedless, thornless; 'Majestic'-- upright, seedless, thornless; 'Maxwell'--upright, seedless, thornless' 'Moraine'--spreading, seedless, thornless; 'Rubylace'--new foliage reddish, seedless, thornless, color not outstanding, may need staking when young; 'Shademaster'--upright, seedless, thornless; 'Skyline'-- pyramidal, seedless, thornless; 'Sunburst'--new foliage yellow, seedless, thornless, favored by plant bugs and leafhoppers.

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