Globe Artichoke

By The Old House Web
Globe artichokes are a perennial, though frost sensitive, relative to the thistles. Mature plants are roughly four to five (4 to 5) feet tall with a similar spread. Harvested artichokes are actually flower buds which resemble unopened green pine cones.

Choose a well-drained soil, loose and rich in organic matter. Locate purchased transplants in early May in a bright sunny location. Set plants six (6) feet apart. Individual plants make an interesting addition to flower gardens.

The gray-green spiny foliage is prone to leaf spot and bacterial blights.

Don't expect good production unless plants are at least nine to twelve (9 to 12) months old. However, plants usually freeze out in Illinois. Overwintering as a houseplant isn't encouraged.

'Green Globe' is the most common cultivar on the market.

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