Gypsy Moth -- Hosts

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Oaks (Quercus) are the preferred host, though other susceptible species include apple (Malus), alder (Alnus), aspen (Populus), basswood or linden (Tilia), hawthorns (Crataegus) and willows (Salix) are also damaged. Beeches (Fagus), birches (Betula), cherry (Prunus), black or sour gum (Nyssa), hickory (Carya), hornbeam (Carpinus), maple (Acer) and sassafras. Even evergreen can be infested resulting is dead cedars (Juniper), hemlock (Tsuga), pine (Pinus) and spruce (Picea). However, ash (Fraxinus), tulip poplar (Lirodendron), locust (Robinia), walnut (Juglans), Dogwood (Cornums), Holly (Ilex), Fir (Abies), and sycamore (Platanus) are seldom attached.

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