Helianthemum--Rock Rose, Sun Rose

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Helianthemum--Rock Rose, Sun Rose

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Rock Roses are shrubs that reach a height of about 10 inches. The best growing area has full sun and a well drained soil. The plants are not hardy so need protection. Some varieties benefit from hard trimming after flowering others do not. After a few years the plants become straggling and are replaced. Blooming occurs May through July. The plants are not long lived. Some are intolerant of severe pruning and they do not transplant well.

Cuttings, division and seed are the methods of propagation. Three inch cuttings of young shoots are taken in August and rooted under glass. The seed germinates in 2 to 3 weeks at 68 to 86 degrees. Divisions tend to short lived.

Helianthemum alpestre--Sun Rose Suitable as a rock garden plant. Produces small yellow flowers.

Helianthemum nummularium--Frostweed The most satisfactory helianthemum for northern gardens. Small yellow flowers are produced during July and August.

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