Heliotropium arborescens--Heliotrope

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Heliotropium arborescens--Heliotrope

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Heliotrope has fragrant purple flowers on plants one to two feet tall. It needs a rich soil, full sun and lots of water during hot weather. Pinch young plants two or three times to promote branching. The flower fragrance is most noticeable at sunrise and sunset and may be enhanced by giving plants the bare minimum of water. The plant may be grown as a pot plant. Heliotrope responds to regular fertilizer applications and is not tolerant of the slightest frost.

Heliotrope is propagated by seed or cuttings. Take cuttings from especially fragrant plants between late spring and early summer. Softwood cuttings root in about two weeks at low temperatures. Seed takes three to four weeks to germinate at 70 degrees and germination can be erratic. Do not allow the plants to get too big before transplanting.

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