Hibiscus syriacus--Rose-of-Sharon, Althea, Shrub Althea

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Hibiscus syriacus--Rose-of-Sharon, Althea, Shrub Althea

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Rose-of-Sharon is valued for large flowers produced in mid-to late summer when few other shrubs bloom. The plant grows in sun or partial shade and in any soil. Rose-of- Sharon grows 8 to 10 feet tall and spreads 6 to 10 feet. The growth rate ranges from slow to moderate, and transplanting is easy. The single or double flowers are in shades of red, pink, white and purple, depending on the cultivar. Peak bloom takes place in August. Prune in late winter or early spring. Frequent severe pruning gives fewer but larger flowers; no or little pruning gives many small flowers. Young plants are not as hardy as older plants.

Many cultivars are listed but few will be seen in catalogs. Cultivars include: 'Admiral Dewey'--single, white flowers; 'Arden'--purple, semi-double flowers; 'Bluebird'- -single, bluish purple flowers; 'Boule de Feu'--double, purplish red flowers; 'coelestris'-- single, light violet flowers, blooms early; 'coerulis'--semi-double, light purple flowers; 'coerulis plenus'--double, lavender flowers; 'Duc de Brabant'--double, deep purplish pink flowers; 'Hamabo'--single, pale pink flowers, with reddish stripes halfway up the petals; 'Jeanne d'Arc'--double, white flowers; 'Lady Stanley'--semi-double, white flowers with bluish pink on each petal and red lines running half way up the petal; 'Leopoldii plenus'-- double flowers, blushed pink; 'Lucy'--dark pink, double flowers; 'Mauve Queen'--mauve flowers, 'paeoniflorus'--double pink flowers; 'rubus'--rose pink, single flowers, petals darker at the base; 'Souvenir de Charles Breton'--semi-double, light purple flowers; 'totus albus'-- single, pure white flowers; 'Woodbridge'--single flowers, reddish purple, darker at the base.

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