Highbush Cranberry

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Highbush Cranberry

The botanical name for this plant is Viburnum trilobum. The plant can be 12 feet tall, flowers in May or June and bear red, edible berries. The fruits ripen in the fall and persist on the plant into winter. The plant gets its name because the acidic fruits can substitute for cranberry. Highbush cranberry is also called American cranberrybush. The cultivars 'Andrews', 'Hahs' and 'Wentworth' have been selected for their good fruit production. The shrub grows wild and is also used in landscapes.

The fruits turn red in July but are not truly ripe until September or October. They are used in jam and jelly but large seeds need to be removed. The fruits are hard until exposed to frost.

Stems bearing heavy crops may need propping up. Occasionally thin out some of the older stems to maintain plant vigor.

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