Houseplants -- Nonpoisonous

By The Old House Web
The following is a list of plants considered non-toxic or non-poisonous. This DOESN'T mean they should be eaten; they are not food crops. Children should be taught never to eat a plant that isn't grown for consumption.

African violet Aluminum Plant (Pilea) Bloodleaf (Iresine) Coleus Corn Plant Dracaena Dusty Miller (Cineraria) Devil's Walking Stick (Aralia) Gardenia Hibiscus Jade Plant Palm Peperomia Pocket Book Plant (Calceolaria) Pregnant Plant (Kalanchoes) Prayer Plant (Leuconeura) Primroses (Primula) Purple Passion Plant (Gynura) Snake Plant (Sansevieria) Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) Swedish Ivy (Plectrantus) Umbrella Plant (Schefflera) Wandering Jew (Tradescantia)


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