Hoya carnosa - Wax Plant

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Hoya carnosa - Wax Plant

The many varieties of wax plant vary in flower color and foliage variegation. The vines grow well in hanging pots but become tangled and heavy. Growing them on a table and winding the vines around the pot may be better. Good light as in a west window is required for best bloom. Water well in summer but run the plant drier in winter. Use a house plant fertilizer according to label directions. Wax plants grow best when night temperatures are near 65 degrees. Do not cut off the flower spur after flowering as reblooming occurs on the same spur. Failure to bloom is caused by overwatering, over fertilization, insufficient sunlight, or plant immaturity.

Propagation is by stem or leaf bud cuttings, and air layering. Do not put rooting cuttings in bright light.

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