Impatiens balsamina--Balsam

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Impatiens balsamina--Balsam

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Balsam produces flowers of various colors in the leaf axils on plants from six inches to two feet tall. They like a sandy loam and can grow in full sun or shade. Provide a continuous supply of moisture. They develop good root systems so transplant well. Even large plants can be moved if they are well watered after transplanting. The plants bloom longest on a single stem. Remove any weak shoots which form at the base of the plants. Plants with only three or four shoots bloom better than those with many shoots. Balsam is not tolerant of wet or cold weather. The plants are spaced 12 to 14 inches apart and may wilt badly for a day or two after transplanting.

The seed can be sown directly into the garden. Germination takes 8 to 14 days at 70 degrees.

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