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Bagworm caterpillars web foliage together to make bags up to 2 inches long. The insects live in the bags and emerge to feed on the foliage. Use sprays of malathion, acephate, Sevin, or Bacillus thuringiensis (organic). The insects can also be picked off the plants by hand.

Juniper scale causes yellowed needles, and infected branches fail to produce new growth. The scale is round and at first white, later turning gray or black. Crawlers are controlled with sprays of Sevin or acephate.

The juniper webworm webs twigs and needles together, causing them to brown and die. The larva is 1/2 inch long and is brown with darker stripes. The larvae are often in the densest part of the plant and can go unnoticed. No chemical controls are listed.

Mites cause stippled and bronzed foliage.

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