Juniperus horizontalis--Creeping Juniper

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Juniperus horizontalis--Creeping Juniper

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Creeping juniper has many excellent low-growing cultivars. It tolerates exposed sites and a wide range of soils. It has a moderate growth rate, and the species can reach 4 feet tall and spread 8 feet.

Cultivars include: 'Bar Harbor'--hardy; 'douglasii' (Waukegan Juniper)--trailing habit, bluish foliage; 'Emerson' (Black Hills Creeper)--very prostrate, less than 1 foot high, blue foliage, tolerates dry soil; 'plumosa'(Andorra Juniper)--low growing, foliage purplish in fall; 'wiltonii'(Blue Rug Juniper)--bluish foliage, very low growing.

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Juniperus horizontalis Blue Chip - 76K
Juniperus horizontalis plumosa - 86K Juniperus horizontalis plumosa - 78K
Juniperus horizontalis wiltonii - 64K Juniperus horizontalis Bar Harbor - 64K
Juniperus horizontalis Emerald Spreader - 89K Juniperus horizontalis Hetz glauca - 41K
Juniperus horizontalis Schmidt - 68K Juniperus horizontalis Venusta - 67K
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