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Aphids suck plant juices and heavy infestations may cover the leaves with sticky honeydew. Controls are Diazinon dust or sprays of Sevin or rotenone.

The greenhouse leaf tier feeds on the undersides of the leaves. The insect also rolls and ties the leaves together. No chemical control is listed.

The corn earworm feeds on the buds and foliage No chemical control is listed.

The pea moth infests the pods spoiling the seeds. Silk and excrement can be seen when infested pods open. The pods turn yellow and ripen prematurely. This insect is usually not a problem unless sweet peas are grown near garden peas. No chemical control is listed.

Four-lined plant bug causes brown sunken spots on the leaves. The insect is only occasionally found on Sweet Pea. No chemical control is listed.

Mite feeding causes yellow leaves. Sprays of

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