Lettuce, Celtuce Insects

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Lettuce, Celtuce Insects

Six Spotted Leafhopper

This 1/8 inch, smoky green insect with six spots on the front of its head is a carrier of aster yellows and is more of a problem on muck grown plants. Use sprays of Rotenone(1) or Diazinon(10) on lettuce. Applications of Sevin dust(3) may be used on head lettuce and Sevin flowable(14) may be used on all lettuce.


The green peach aphid is light green and sucks plant juices causing distorted leaves. Use with sprays of Diazinon(10) or Malathion(14).


Variegated cutworm is variable in color but has buff stripes down the sides with yellow or orange spots along the back. The main injury is feeding on the leaves. Use preplant applications of Diazinon granules or liquid(10).

Loopers Loopers are light green worms that hump up in the middle as they crawl. They have a light stripe down the back and sides and feed on the foliage. Use sprays of Bacillus thuringiensis or Rotenone(1).

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