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Bagworm makes sacks by webbing together pieces of leaves. The insects live in the sacks while they feed. Small numbers of insects may be picked off by hand. If chemical control is needed use Orthene, Bacillus thuringiensis, or malathion.

Fall webworm webs over portions of large branches or may completely cover small branches. The insects feed on leaves inside the nest. If practical, nests can be pruned out while small and when the insects are inside. A few nests in large trees are not serious. Use Bacillus thuringiensis or Orthene when nests are small.

Leaf miner causes brown blotches on leaves. If injury is caused by leaf miner the browned upper and lower leaf surfaces will be completely separate when the leaf leaf is torn in two. Use Orthene when mines are first seen.

Cottony-cushion scale, sweetgum scale, and walnut scale can infest the branches. Use dormant oil in the spring or control crawlers with Orthene, Sevin or malathion applied when crawlers are active. Crawler activity varies with scale species.

Tent caterpillars make nests to live in but leave the nests to feed. Prune out nests at the tips of small branches. Do not burn the nest while it is still in the tree. Use malathion, rotenone, Orthene or Sevin.

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