Lobularia--Sweet Alyssum, Alyssum

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Lobularia--Sweet Alyssum, Alyssum

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Sweet alyssum is an excellent low growing plant useful for edging. The flowers are purple, white or pink and the plants grow best in cool weather. Provide full sun and a well drained soil. In July or August, when the plants are starting to go to seed, they may be sheared back. They will usually be back in bloom in one to two weeks. The plant grows six to ten inches tall. Sweet Alyssum may be used to shade the root zones of other plants. The plants are smaller on sunny sites with poor soil.

The seed germinates in 8 to 15 days at temperatures between 65 to 75 degrees. Do not be cover the seed as light is necessary for germination. Sweet Alyssum damps off easily.

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