Magnolia stellata--Star Magnolia

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Magnolia stellata--Star Magnolia

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Star magnolia is the hardiest of the magnolias. It is a small tree or large shrub growing 20 feet tall and spreading 10 to 15 feet. The plant is intolerant of shade, root competition or dryness, and it grows slowly. Plant in a rich, porous and slightly acid soil. Star magnolia is hard to transplant and should be moved balled and burlapped when actively growing. White flowers are produced in spring before the leaves appear, even on young plants.

There are a few cultivars: 'keiskei'--flowers purplish on the outside; 'rosea'(Pink Star Magnolia)--pale pink flowers; 'rubra'(Red Star Magnolia)--purplish flowers, darker than 'rosea'; 'Waterlily'--pink flower buds, white flowers, flowers larger with narrower petals.

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