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Aphids infest branch tips and can be controlled with malathion.

Fall webworm makes nests on the branches and feeds inside the nest. Small nests can be pruned out or spray with Bacillus thuringiensis.

Scales of various types are controlled with dormant oil applied in spring. Crawlers are controlled with Sevin or malathion when present. Scale identification allows proper timing of sprays.

Mites are too small to see easily so can cause much foliage discoloration before being detected. Mites are controlled with dormant oil applied in spring.

Tent caterpillar builds tents or nests in trees in early summer or late spring. Feeding occurs outside the nest. Small nests are pruned out. Chemical controls are malathion, Sevin, methoxychlor or Bacillus thuringiensis. Do not burn nests while they are still in the tree.

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Aphids on crabapple - 32K Eastern tent caterpillar damage on crabapple - 55K
Eastern tent caterpillar close up - 52K Eastern tent caterpillar egg masses - 22K
Forest tent caterpillar - 12K Forest tent caterpillar egg mass - 12K
Forest tent caterpillar cocoons - 20K
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