Mealy Bugs

By The Old House Web
Mealy bugs are houseplant insects that produce a white cottony mass around their body. Damage occurs due to the sucking action of the insect, distorting the new tissue and leaves. A sticky sap-like substance may be found on leaves and stems.

Insecticidal soaps and regular washings can help limit insect build-ups.

Rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) can be used to control some mealybugs.

Prepare a small container of rubbing alcohol. Using a cotton swab or cotton ball, dab the alcohol on the insect. Wait several minutes and wash off the plant.

Alcohol can dry out a plant, especially the buds and growing points. Rinsing with water within five minutes should prevent damage. Avoid using rubbing alcohol on the plants' growing points.

Cactus and succulents are commonly infested with mealybugs as are many flowering plants.

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