Narrowleaf Evergreens Provide Bold Character

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Narrowleaf Evergreens Provide Bold Character

Narrowleaf evergreens are ornamental conifers with comparatively long, slender leaves (needle-shaped) that remain green throughout the year. They include firs, junipers, spruces, pines, yews, cedars and hemlocks. Not only do they shelter the home and reduce the effect of wind chill factors, but they also eliminate summer traffic noise, provide summer cooling and provide screening in all seasons. Narrowleaf evergreens can be employed in city plantings, particularly where there are broad turf areas (8 feet or more) in center panels of boulevards, and in raised planters where they can mingle with deciduous shrubs and trees, providing a strong foliage color contrast.

Many narrowleaf evergreen cultivars are available to fit your landscape needs. Check with your local garden center or nursery retailer for the best selections. These improved cultivars may have improved foliage colors, narrow tops, weeping growth habits or dwarf growth habits that may be desirable in your landscape.

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