Oenothera--Evening Primrose, Sundrops

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Oenothera--Evening Primrose, Sundrops

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Most oenothera produce yellow flowers. Evening primroses are night bloomers and sundrops bloom during the day. The plants grow one to two feet tall, or taller, depending on the type grown. They are quite vigorous so need frequent dividing. Some species may self seed so as to become weeds. The plants are easy to grow but may bloom poorly the first year after planting. The best soil is moderately rich and well drained. The best light exposure is sunny.

Oenothera may be divided in early spring or in the fall. The seed germinates in 1 to 3 weeks at 68 to 86 degrees. Cuttings taken in May can be rooted in sand.

Oenothera missouriensis--Missouri Primrose Missouri primrose has a trailing habit so only grows one foot tall. The large, yellow flowers are produced in July. The plant starts growth late in the spring.

Oenothera speciosa This is a plant about 2 feet tall with white flowers changing to pink.

Oenothera tetrogona--Common Sundrop This plant, listed in some references as O. youngii grows 2 feet tall. The yellow flowers are one and a half inches across.

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