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Okra grows best in well drained soil but otherwise the plant is not particular as to soil type. Plant in late May with the seed 2/3 inch deep and 12 to 15 inches apart in rows 24 to 30 inches apart. Soak the seed in warm water for 12 hours prior to planting to enhance germination. Transplants do not transplant well so greater success is obtained from seeds. If the garden was not fertilized use 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of 12-12-12 per 50 feet of row. Sidedress every 2 to 3 weeks starting when the plants have been growing 4 weeks. Do not remove the lower leaves as the harvest progresses.

Harvest okra before the pods get old and tough. The pods are ready for harvest 5 to 7 days after bloom. It is necessary to harvest every 2 to 3 days, because the vines die as seed matures.

Flower buds drop during periods of hot dry weather, if there is a drop in temperature, or in poorly drained soil.

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