Onion Insects

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Onion Insects

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Six Spotted Leafhopper

The six spotted leafhopper is 1/8 inch long, light green and has 6 black spots on the front of its head. It spreads aster yellows. Plants are most vulnerable from the seedling stage until 3/4 grown. Sprays of Diazinon (10) control the insects.

Onion Thrips

Onion thrips are small, cream to brownish black, and less than 1/16 inch long. The insects rasp holes in the leaves with damage most severe in the leaf sheath area at the plant base. The damage is worse after mid-summer or in dry seasons. Diazinon (10) may be used on onions. Rotenone (1) may be used on onions, leeks, garlic and shallots.

Onion Maggot

The onion maggot overwinters as a pupa in the soil. The adults emerge in mid-May and feed on yellow flowers at the edge of the field. They then lay eggs at the base of onion plants. The maggots hatch and burrow into the plants. Mature maggots leave the plant to pupate in the soil. There are 3 generations per year and maggots may be in harvested bulbs. Use Diazinon granules according to label directions.

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