Paeonia lactiflora--Peony

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Paeonia lactiflora--Peony

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Peony is long lived and produces large, showy flowers of white, red, pink, yellow or lavender. There are several flower types borne on plants 2 to 3 feet tall. The plant prefers full sun and tolerates most soils. Support the plants to keep the flowers from being beaten down by rain. Early fall planting is best although plants are offered for sale in the spring. Make sure the root top is no deeper than 2 inches. Do not allow the roots to settle deeper than 2 inches. Once established leave peonies alone. Larger flowers may be obtained by removing all but the large terminal bud. Reasons why peonies fail to bloom are; planting too deep, lack of proper fertilization, low plant vigor, excessive nitrogen applications, root competition, too much shade and botrytis blight.

Propagation is by division in September. Each division needs at least one eye and preferably five.

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