Papaver Orientale -- Oriental Poppy

By The Old House Web

Oriental Poppy produceslarge, orange, red, white, pink or purple flowers. They prefer a sunny location and any well drained soil. In extremely fertile soil the plants may be tall and top heavy. Place oriental poppy in the middle or back of the garden to hide the foliage when it yellows and dies back in summer. Tight buds cut in early morning are longer lasting when used in arrangements. The plants may take two years to come back into bloom after dividing or transplanting.

Propagation is by seed, division or root cuttings. Theseed germinates in 10 to 15 days at 55 degrees and needs exposure to light. Start seed in peat pots or directly in the garden. Division is done in September as the plants are starting to grow again. Root cuttings can be made of 2 inch root pieces. These are placed right side up in sandy soil or they may be laid horizontally.

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