Pea Diseases

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Pea Diseases

Ascochyta Pod Spot

Irregular light colored spots with dark margins form on the pods. The leaves have spots with concentric circles and dark dots. Spots may form on the stems near the soil. No chemical control is listed.

Bacterial Blight

Large water soaked spots form on the pods and irregular dark spots form on the leaves. A cream colored shining, ooze develops in the center of the spots. No chemical control is listed.

Fusarium Wilt

The disease causes yellowed leaves and wilted plants. The interior of the stems is lemon yellow. No chemical control is listed.

Root Rots

Root rots cause yellowish unhealthy looking plants. The stems below ground are yellowish brown, red or black. The roots have the same discoloration. The disease often kills plants at flowering. No chemical control is listed.

Powdery Mildew

A white powdery growth forms on the plants. Use sulfur(0) to control the problem.

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