Pea Insects

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Pea Insects

Pea Weevil

The adults are brownish with white, black and grayish markings. The white, small, larvae have brown heads and mouths. The adults feed on blossoms and lay eggs on the young pods. The larvae burrow into the seed. Use sprays of Methoxychlor(7).


Aphids suck plant juices causing curled and distorted foliage and stunted plants. Use sprays of Rotenone(1), Malathion(3), or Diazinon(1). Diazinon dust may also be used.


These dull colored worms feed on the foliage at night and clip plants off at the soil. During the day they hide in the soil just below the soil surface. Use preplant applications of Diazinon granules or liquid(1).

Green Cloverworm

The larvae are green and have 3 pairs of legs in the middle of the body and have white stripes down their sides. They feed on the leaves and pods. No chemical control is listed.

Seed Corn Maggot

The maggots feed on the seed before or during sprouting. No chemical control is listed.


Loopers are green with light stripes down their sides. They hump up when crawling and feed on the foliage. No chemical control is listed.

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