Picea abies--Norway Spruce

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Picea abies--Norway Spruce

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Norway spruce can grow 80 to 100 feet tall and spread 25 to 35 feet, though listed cultivars are shrublike. With age the top becomes open and the branchlets droop. Norway spruce tolerates most soils if moist and transplants easily if balled and burlapped or potted.

There are a number of cultivars of Norway spruce. Some are dwarf and shrublike, while others are trees. Not all will be available in nurseries. Cultivars include: 'clanbrassiliana'--dwarf, about 4 feet tall and twice as wide; 'columnaris'--narrow, columnar; 'echiniformis'(Hedgehog Spruce)--a rounded dwarf, broad; 'gregoryana'--rounded, broad, about 3 feet tall but much wider, slow growing; 'humulis'--about 2 feet tall; 'inversa'--drooping habit; 'maxwelli'--4 feet tall and 10 feet wide, slow growing, dense; 'nidiformis'--dwarf, very dense mound; 'nigra'--densely branched, dark green; 'pendula'--weeping; 'procumbens'--flat, dense, can be 3 feet tall; 'pumila'--spreading, about 4 feet tall; 'pygmea'--conical, slow growing; 'pyramidata'--narrow, slender pyramid; 'reflexa'--branchlets pendulous, 1 foot high but 10 feet wide; 'repens'--flat and prostrate, less than 3 feet tall but quite wide; 'stricta'--slender, spirelike.

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