Picea pungens--Colorado Spruce

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Picea pungens--Colorado Spruce

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Colorado spruce has a horizontal branching habit and grows taller than 75 feet. The tree grows slowly and may be difficult to transplant. Colorado spruce casts dense shade when branched to the ground, so no grass grows beneath it. The tree prefers a rich, moist soil.

A number of cultivars are listed. The most common cultivar is 'glauca', the blue Colorado spruce. The blue trees are sometimes grown from seeds, so they vary in degree of blue coloration. For reliable blue color, purchase a grafted, named cultivar selected for its blue color. The list of cultivars is not long: 'argentea'(silver Colorado spruce)--silvery foliage color; 'glauca'(blue Colorado spruce)--bluish foliage; 'glauca procumbens'--bluish foliage, height about 2 feet but spread several times the height; 'globosa'--3 feet tall, blue foliage; 'hoopsii'-- bluish foliage; 'moerhiemii' (Moerhiem spruce)--compact, dense and very blue; 'pendens' (Koster's blue spruce)-- weeping habit, must be staked to get it to take tree form, blue foliage; 'thompsoni'--bluish foliage.

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