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Tip blight caused by Diplodia pinea is common on Austrian pine. The new growth turns brown and the branch is stunted. Black fruiting bodies may be found on needle bases within the sheath. Copper fungicides are sometimes suggested to control the disease but as yet no satisfactory control measures have been developed.

Canker diseases may rarely cause dieback of landscape pines. Keep trees healthy and prune out the infected branches.

Needle cast is common on small trees and plantation or forest trees. Infected needles yellow and fall off. Use chlorothalonil. If the infection is light, spray on August 1 and September 1. Heavier infections need sprays on July 25, August 15, and September 15.

Needle blight caused by Dothistroma pini infects Austrian pine. Dark, slightly swollen bands form on one year old needles in late summer. The part of the needles beyond the band dies. Severely infected trees look thin.

White pine blister rust attacks white pine and uses currant as an alternate host. European black currant, the favored alternate host, may be banned from certain areas. Other currants, particularly Red Currant should not be grown within 300 feet of pines. Infected branches may be pruned off.

The needles droop if the roots can not supply adequate amounts of water.

White and other pines may be injured by salt if growing near roads. Austrian pine is the most salt tolerant pine. Pines with roots growing in drain fields receiving softened water may be injured.

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Diplodia, fruiting bodies on cones - 38K Diplodia, fruiting bodies on infected needles - 30K
Diplodia tip blight on pine, close up - 41K
Dothistroma on austrian pine - 38K Gall rust on pine - 26K
Lophodermium damage - 37K Lophodermium damage - 35K
Lophodermium, dead seedlings in bed - 51K Lophodermium fruiting bodies - 59K
Brown spot infected needles - 38K Lophodermium, needlecast stage - 21K
White pine blister rust - 40K White pine blister rust, mature canker - 48K
White pine blister rust, twig swellings - 33K White pine blister rust on gooseberry - 30K
White pine blister rust - 24K White pine blister rust - 42K
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