Planting Hardy Bulbs

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Planting Hardy Bulbs

Bulbs, not planted immediately after purchase, are stored in a cool dry area at a temperature between 60 and 65 degrees. Temperatures above 70 may injure the flower bud already formed in the bulb.

Hardy bulbs are planted early enough in the fall so roots develop before the ground freezes. Plant in full sunshine as flowering is best with eight to ten hours of direct sun daily. Bulbs planted next to a south facing wall bloom earlier than bulbs planted next to a north facing wall. Where drainage is poor, add organic matter to the soil.

To plant large numbers of bulbs, excavate the entire area to be planted. Remove soil from the entire bed to the proper planting depth. Work the soil at the bottom of the planting area so bulb roots can penetrate easily. Before planting, work in one pound of 5-10-5 fertilizer per 50 square feet of bed. Do not use a high nitrogen fertilizer as it may cause the bulbs to rot.

Plant the bulbs at the recommended depths. In sandy soil, they can be planted deeper. Set bulbs into the soil and push them down gently to eliminate air pockets under the bulb. The basal plate at the bottom of the bulb injured by pushing too hard. This type of injury reduces rooting. Set bulbs at proper spacings.

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