Potato Insects

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Potato Insects

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White Grubs

These C shaped insects are white with brown heads. They eat the tubers. Injury is worse in areas converted from sod to garden. Use Diazinon at planting time.


These brown to yellowish brown worms are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. They feed on the tubers and are worse when the garden was in sod the year before. Use Diazinon at planting time.

Colorado Potato Beetle

Adult beetles are yellow with black stripes and the larvae are red with black marking. The larvae begin feeding in mid to late May. The damage is most severe at the growing points but spreads as the larvae grow. There are 2 to 3 generations of beetles per year. Use sprays of Diazinon(35), Rotenone(1), Methoxychlor(1), Pyrethrin (1) or Sevin(0) flowable. Applications of Sevin dust may also be used.

Potato Leafhopper

These 1/8 inch, light green insects suck sap from the undersides of leaves causing them curl. The leaves turn yellow and reddish brown. Use sprays of Sevin(0) flowable, Methoxychlor(1), Rotenone(1), Pyrethrin(1), Diazinon(35), and Malathion(3).

Potato Flea Beetle

These 1/8 inch long beetles eat many small holes in the leaves, starting in spring. The larvae feed on the roots and tubers and there are 2 generations per year. The tuber injury shortens storage life. Use sprays of Diazinon(35), Rotenone(1), Methoxychlor(1), Pyrethrin(1), Sevin(0) flowable or use Sevin dust.

Green Peach Aphid

These green aphids suck sap with the injury usually showing up in June. There are 12 to 15 generations per year and it is a carrier of virus diseases. Use sprays of Rotenone(1), Pyrethrin(1), Diazinon(35), or Malathion(3).

Variegated Cutworm

These variable insects have buff colored stripes down the sides and yellow or orange spots down the back. They feed on the foliage. Use Sevin(0) or Diazinon(35).

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