Potentilla fruticosa--Bush Cinquefoil, Five Finger

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Potentilla fruticosa--Bush Cinquefoil, Five Finger

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Potentilla has small flowers but produces them over a long period of time. The best growing area has full sun and any but a heavy soil. The plant is drought resistant and transplants well but grows slowly. Potentilla is a low, moundlike plant growing 2 to 3 feet tall and spreading the same distance. The yellow flowers are produced from early summer to fall. Rejuvenate the plant with severe pruning every 2 to 3 years.

Cultivars include: 'beesii'--19 inches tall, silver foliage; 'farreri'(Gold Drop)--deep yellow flowers, small leaves; 'friedrichsenii'--flowers creamy white to pale yellow; 'grandiflora'--bright yellow flowers, can reach 6 feet; 'Maanely's'(Moonlight)--pale yellow flowers; 'mandshurica'--white flowers; 'Mount Everest'--white flowers; 'pyrenaica'--bright yellow flowers, plant 6 to 18 inches tall; 'Snowflake'--white flowers; 'Tangerine'-- flowers orange if grown in partial shade, yellow in sun; 'veitchii'--white flowers; 'vilmoriniana'--pale yellow to creamy white flowers.

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