Prunus cerasifera--Myrobalan Plum, Cherry Plum

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Prunus cerasifera--Myrobalan Plum, Cherry Plum

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Myrobalan plum is grown for its purple-leaved cultivars. The best sites are sunny with any good garden soil. The tree transplants well but is susceptible to canker diseases. It grows 15 to 30 feet tall and spreads 20 to 25 feet. The growth rate is moderately rapid and frequent pruning may be necessary. The flowers of cultivars are not as ornamental as the colored foliage.

Several cultivars are listed and some should be available at local garden centers: 'diversifolia'--narrow, deeply cut leaves; 'hessei'--shrubby, leaves variegated with crimson; 'Hollywood'--foliage green at first, then deep purple; 'lindsayiae'--pink flowers, 1 inch across; 'nigra'--dark purple foliage; 'Othello'--dark purple leaves; 'pendula'--drooping branches; 'pissardi'(Pissard plum)--very red leaves that hold their color well; 'Thundercloud'--deep purple foliage with good color retention; 'Vesuvius'--large, deep purple leaves, few blossoms.

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