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Aphids cause distortion of new growth, deposits of honeydew, and sooty mold. Use malthion or Orthene sprays.

Borers attack flowering cherries. Keep trees healthy with regular fertilizer applications.

Scales of several types infest prunus. Dormant oil is used to control overwintering stages. Sevin, Orthene or malathion controls crawlers when present. Identify the scale for proper timing of crawlers.

Spider mites cause yellowing or stippling but are very difficult to see.

Tent caterpillars make large webbed nests in trees then eat the foliage. One defoliation may not be serious and small nests can be pruned out and destroyed. Use Orthene, malathion, or Sevin when webs are first seen and insects are still small. Bacillus thuringiensis may also be used.

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Eastern tent caterpillar damage on crabapple - 55K Eastern tent caterpillar close up - 52K
Eastern tent caterpillar egg masses - 22K Forest tent caterpillar - 12K
Forest tent caterpillar egg mass - 12K Forest tent caterpillar cocoons - 20K
Spindle gall mite on cherry - 25K
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