Prunus padus--European Birdcherry

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Prunus padus--European Birdcherry

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European birdcherry is a low branched tree that leafs out early and tolerates most soils. It grows 20 to 45 feet tall and is not as susceptible to tent caterpillar as other cherries. Flowering occurs in April and May on the previous season's wood. The white flowers are borne in 3 to 6 inch long racemes. The fruit is black and bitter.

There are several cultivars: commutata--blooms a month earlier, florets up to one half inch wide; 'Flore-pleno'-- double flowers; 'Grandiflora'--larger flowers; 'Plena'-- large, double flowers, in bloom longer than any other cultivar; 'Spaethii'--flower clusters pendulous; 'Watereri--larger flowers, racemes up to 10 inches long.

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