Prunus serrulata--Oriental Cherry

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Prunus serrulata--Oriental Cherry

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Oriental cherry grows 15 to 25 feet tall, prefers full sun, and is easily moved. The tree is intolerant of poor drainage. Flower color varies with cultivar but may be white, pink, or yellowish. Some cultivars have good fall color while others have useful growth habits. None of the cultivars bear fruit and all are troubled with pests.

There are many cultivars of oriental cherry but few are readily available. The most common cultivars are: 'Amanogawa'--('Erecta')--semi-double, light pink, fragrant flowers, narrow columnar habit, about 20 feet tall; 'Fugenzo'--('James H. Veitch', 'Kofugen')--spreading habit, flowers 2 and a half inches across, rose pink fading to light pink, double, Kofugen sometimes described as having deeper color; 'Kwanzan'--('Skeiyama', 'Kanzan')--upright tree 12 to 18 feet tall, flowers double, pink; 'Shirofugen'--rapid growth rate, young foliage bronze later turning green, flowers double, 2 and a half inches across, pink fading to white; 'Shirotae'--('Mt. Fuji', 'Kojima')-- flowers double to semi-double, white, ruffled, about 2 and a half inches across; 'Shogetsu'--tree 15 feet tall, broad and flat-topped, flowers double, pale pink, center may be white, can be 2 inches across; 'Ukon'--young foliage bronze, flowers pale yellow, semi-double.

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Prunus serrulata Kwanzan - 83K Prunus serrulata Kwanzan - 50K
Prunus serrulata Amanogawa - 42K
Prunus serrulata Amanogawa - 27K Prunus serrulata Shirofugen - 36K
Prunus serrulata Shirofugen - 53K Prunus serrulata Shirotae - 38K
Prunus serrulata Ukon - 29K Prunus serrulata Whitcomb - 49K
Prunus serrulata Whitcomb - 59K
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