Pyracantha coccinea--Firethorn

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Pyracantha coccinea--Firethorn

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Firethorn may not be dependably hardy in all situations in Michigan. Some of the cultivars listed are hardier. This is a slow growing, thorny, spreading shrub that needs lots of room. It grows 6 to 7 feet tall and spreads 7 or more feet. A sunny, sheltered location is best, but it tolerates some shade and grows in any well drained soil. Firethorn is hard to transplant except when young. Provide shade in winter to prevent winterburn. The main ornamental feature is the orange to red fruits in autumn. The white flowers are produced in late spring and are not as showy as the fruits.

Cultivars include: 'aurea'--yellow fruit; 'chadwickii'--hardier; 'fructu-albo'--white fruit; 'Kazan' (Kazan Firethorn)--orange-red fruit, hardier; 'lalandi'-- more erect, vigorous, less hardy; 'royali'--very vigorous, more hardy; 'wyattii'--good hardiness.

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