Pyrus calleryana--Callery Pear

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Pyrus calleryana--Callery Pear

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Callery pear cultivars are excellent flowering trees. They tolerate most soil types and are shallow rooted. The trees are 25 feet tall and spread 20 feet. The flowers are white and early. The fall color starts a deep purple then becomes red. The trees are pest resistant and produce insignificant fruit.

Callery pear cultivars are: 'Aristocrat'--somewhat open growth habit; 'Autumn Blaze'--reddish purple fall color and improved cold hardiness; 'Bradford'--late fall color development, may winter injure; 'Chanticleer'--upright growth habit; 'Rancho'--upright growth habit.

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Pyrus calleryana Aristocrat - 69K Pyrus calleryana Bradford - 44K
Pyrus calleryana Bradford - 61K Pyrus calleryana Autumn Blaze - 32K
Pyrus calleryana Rancho - 50K Pyrus calleryana Rancho - 60K
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