Radicchio- General Information

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Radicchio- General Information

Radicchio is a red-headed cousin of the Belgian endive. It looks like the heart of the red cabbage and is about the size of a small head of lettuce. There are several varieties that are used in Italy, but the one they export to the United States is called Red Verona chicory. It has a very pretty purple-red color and the leaves have a nice, smooth, string-free texture. Radicchio has almost the same bitter flavor as the Belgian endive, but it isn't quite as crisp. It is now in vogue as a salad item and can be found in high-priced specialty shops. Radicchio is very similar in flavor and texture to the Belgian endive, which sells for half the price. As it becomes more popular, increased supplies of radicchio will eventually translate to lower prices.

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