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REP Juniperus chinensis--Chinese Juniper

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Chinese juniper grows in sun or partial shade and any well drained soil. Transplanting is most successful with root pruned plants, moved potted or balled and burlapped. The height and spread depend on the cultivar selected, but the species grows 15 to 20 feet tall and spreads 2 to 4 feet. Several forms have bluish foliage and blue fruit. The plant dislikes crowding, has prickly foliage and grows rapidly.

Some of the many cultivars include: 'Armstrongii' - about 4 feet tall, dense, bluish green foliage, not common; 'hetzii' (Hetz Juniper) - 15 feet tall, bluish foliage, often placed in foundation plantings where it soon becomes too large; 'Hetzi Columnaris' - an upright form; 'Keteleeri' - broadly pyramidal, tree-like form; 'Old Gold' - similar to Pfitzer but denser and lower, with gold to bronze tinted foliage; 'pfitzeriana' (Pfitzer Juniper) - about 10 feet tall and very broad, often placed in foundation plantings where it becomes too large; 'pfitzeriana Aurea' - young growth yellow; 'pfitzeriana glauca' - foliage bluish during the growing season, purplish in winter; 'pyramidalis' - dense, pyramidal, opening at the base with age; 'San Jose' - prostrate, 'Sargentii' - almost a ground cover, bluish foliage, sometimes listed as being twig blight resistant; 'Sea Green' - spreading form reaching a height of about 5 feet.

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Visual title - Visual size Visual title - Visual size
Juniperus chinensis Blue Cloud - 58K Juniperus chinensis Blue Vase - 57K
Juniperus chinensis Blue Vase - 39K Juniperus chinensis Mint Julep - 78K
Juniperus chinensis Sea Green - 79K Juniperus chinensis hetzii - 52K
Juniperus chinensis keteleeri - 37K Juniperus chinensis parsonii - 61K
Juniperus chinensis pfitzeriana - 37K Juniperus chinensis pfitzeriana Blue and Gold - 46K
Juniperus chinensis pfitzeriana Blue and Gold - 36K Juniperus chinensis procombens nana - 57K
Juniperus chinensis procumbens nana - 70K Juniperus chinensis sargenti glauca - 78K
Juniperus chinensis torulosa - 52K Juniperus chinensis viridis - 83K
Juniperus communis compacta aurea - 64K Juniperus chinensis Bundai Sugi - 60K
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