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ROSE INSECTS Aphids cluster on growing tips of canes and are found on stems and flower buds. They suck the sap and large

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populations cause distorted growth. Rotenone, malathion, Diazinon, or Orthene control these insects.

Raspberry cane borer attack six to eight inches from the cane tip. The larva bores toward the base of the cane causing wilting and drooping above the injury. Prune off canes 2 inches below the wilted area. No chemical control is listed.

Rose chafer is a light tan beetle with red spindly legs. It is often confused with japanese beetle. The insect feed on the flowers. Pesticides do not give satisfactory control. The insects occur in large numbers and those killed by pesticides are soon replaced by insects from surrounding areas. Spray with methoxychlor, Sevin or rotenone.

Japanese beetle eats the flowers and foliage. Most injury blamed on japanese beetle is actually rose chafer. Use rotenone, Sevin, or methoxychlor.

Rose Leafhopper feeds on the undersides of leaves causing white stippling. Spray with Orthene, Diazinon, rotenone or Sevin.

Rose leaf-tier (also known as oblique-banded leaf roller) is a pale green caterpillar with a black head. It feeds on flower buds and rolls and ties the leaves together with silk. Spray with Sevin or Orthene.

Rose midge is most serious during the June and autumn blooming seasons. The upper end of the shoot turns brown or black and dies. The maggots may be found in the flower buds. Spray with Orthene.

Scales are usually found on the canes. Use Sevin or Orthene to control the crawlers.

Young rose slugs skeletonize the leaves and older rose slugs consume the entire leaf. The insects feed at night. No chemical control is listed.

Mites cause loss of green leaf color. Heavily infested leaves have a gritty feeling and are covered with fine webbing. Spray with rotenone.

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