Salad Cress

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Cress is one of those leafy greens that makes you sound snooty and rich when you order a soup, salad or sandwich. However, it is easy and quick to grow (12 to 20 days from seed), and provides vitamins and minerals. How it became associated with afternoon teas and bridge luncheons is not fully known.

Cress, as it is sometimes called, is a hardy salad/sandwich green that prefers growing in cool seasons - early spring and late fall.

Sow ten to fifteen (10-15) seeds per foot of row every two (2) weeks starting as soon as the ground can be worked. Plantings sown after May 31 usually bolt or produce a flower head quickly. However, additional plantings can resume after Labor Day and continue until Thanksgiving if the ground is not frozen. Later plantings may not grow as fast and could be killed by severe temperatures.

See: Watercress


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