Salvia, Perennial

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Salvia, Perennial

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Several salvias are perennials. These plants can be a source of blue flowers.

Salvia pitcheri (S. azurea 'grandiflora)--Azure Sage Azure sage produces blue flowers and grows in any garden soil with full sun or partial shade. If grown in clay soils it may winter kill and winter protection is suggested. Because the plant starts slowly in spring it may be advisable to mark its location. Staking is needed to keep it from falling over. Division is done in spring or October but plants are slow to recover. Cuttings 3 to 4 inches long may be taken in early summer. The seed germinates in 2 to 3 weeks at 68 to 86 degrees.

Salvia patens--Gentian Sage Gentian sage is listed as an annual, perennial or perennial treated as an annual or tender bulb. The plant bears clear blue flowers but is not reliably hardy. It grows 12 to 18 inches tall but tends to be somewhat sprawling. The roots can be lifted in the fall and stored overwinter. If overwintered in the garden it needs a protective mulch.

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