Salvia splendens--Scarlet Sage

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Salvia splendens--Scarlet Sage Salvia farinacea--Blue Bedder

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The various types of Salvia bear spikes of red, purple, pink, or white flowers. Heights range from six inches to three feet with plants spaced eight to twelve inches apart. Salvia may be grown in sun or light shade but shade grown plants bloom later. Taller varieties bloom later than shorter varieties. The plant grows in any garden soil.

Salvia fairnacea is the blue bedder and is good for cutting. The plants are about three feet tall and are spaced 18 inches apart. Flower colors are purplish blue or white

Salvia may be grown from seed or cuttings. Three to four inch softwood cuttings, taken from young shoots, root readily. The seed germinates in 12 to 15 days at 70 degrees. The seed of red flowered varieties requires light for germination. Salvia usually transplants well.

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