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Buy your rose plants from reputable sources. Generally, local nurseries and garden centers are good sources of planting material. Do not buy plants that have shriveled canes.

Mail-order nurseries can also provide a good selection of high quality plants. Reputable mail-order organizations will send you catalogs listing the plants that they sell. Most guarantee their plants to grow and bloom given normal care.

To help you decide which of the many cultivars of roses to buy, you may obtain catalogs from several nurseries or garden centers. The cultivars listed are generally favorites with rose growers and you are likely to be satisfied with any of them. Or, you may contact one of the following sources:

-Members of local garden clubs and rose societies are sources of specific information regarding cultivars that do well in your area. Most cultivars grow well in North Central region climates, but they require adequate winter protection.

-The American Rose Society has a rating system for roses that can be purchased by mail. Send your request to: The American Rose Society, P.O. Box 30,000, Shreveport, LA 71130.

-The All-America rose Selections, a non-profit organization, tests new rose cultivars under actual garden conditions and selects and recommends superior cultivars to the rose-buying public. To obtain a partial listing of AARS recommendation send requests to: All-American Rose Selections, Public Relations Office, Route 1, Box 740, Palmyra, IN 47164.

-Numerous books on roses are available at bookstores and libraries. When selecting books on roses, check to see the geographical location of the author. Books written in England, for example, are very informative, but the climate is very different from the North Central region.

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