Sorbus aucuparia--European Mountain Ash

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Sorbus aucuparia--European Mountain Ash

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European mountain ash grows 30 feet tall and has a rapid growth rate at first but slows down with age. The tree has no particular soil preference and is susceptible to several pests. The white flowers appear in the spring after the leaves. The fruits are orange red but cultivars have fruits of other colors. The fall color is red.

Cultivars are: 'Asplenifolia'--leaflets doubly serrated; 'Apricot Queen'--apricot colored fruits; 'Beissneri'--deeply cut leaflets, red branchlets; 'Brilliant Pink'--pink fruits; 'Cardinal'--clear red fruits; 'Carpet of Gold'--yellow fruit; 'Cole's Columnar'--upright growth habit; 'Fastigiata'--upright growth habit; 'Kirsten Pink'--pink fruit; 'Maidenblush'--fruits white flushed with pink; 'pendula'--weeping growth habit; 'Rowencroft Pink Coral'--coral pink fruits; 'Red Strain'--fruits red; 'Scarlet King'--fruits scarlet; 'Upright Yellow'--upright growth habit, yellow fruits; 'Wilson's Columnar'--upright growth; 'Xanthocarpa'--yellow fruit, not attractive to birds.

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